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Information in our Urgent Doc above is updated regularly and replaces any information in our handbooks

Using hand sanitizer of 60% alcohol or higher is synonymous with washing hands for 20 seconds.

The screening tool is to be completed PRIOR to the first session of the day and the checklist is to be completed FOLLOWING each home session.


Staff must complete this screening tool before a session

This must be completed daily before the first session by every single staff person (i.e. if a staff works multiple sessions per day, they only have to do this prior to the first one)

Parents must complete this screening tool before the session

Parents cannot be forced to complete this, but it is strongly encouraged.

Staff must complete the below checklist per session to complete after the session

If there is a BC and a CA at the session, only the CA has to complete it, or if there are 2 CA's overlapping at a session, only one of them has to complete this

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