Important Contact Information

For any scorecard questions & review -

For same day school callouts - School Call out line - 609.316.7263

For any Covid-19 questions/concerns - Lisa Riley

To request Paid Sick Time off in Paycom

Incident & Restraint Reporting - 


For any payroll inquiries -


For any timesheet errors/questions - 


For RBT inquiries -


Requesting ID Badges or Business Cards - 


Central Reach scheduling assistance - 


Central Reach adding new clients/districts please complete this form 5-7 days in advance of biling- 


Who to Contact

Joe Carter - All requests for additional hours, any questions regarding joining or fading off of a case, ESY case assignments and placements  

Lisa Riley - HR questions & concerns, Leaves from work; Company Benefits

Kristen Holmbeck- For any work injuries or to contact Brett DiNovi 

Lauren Sciuto - 401k information, any Google drive access, Google voice or email account requests or resetting password