What is Measurement?

Behavior analysts are scientists, and scientists require measurement. We measure behavior to answer questions about the functional relations between behavior and environmental conditions.

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Task List: 

  • Select a measurement system to obtain representative data given the dimensions of the behavior and the logistics of observing and recording.

  • Select a schedule of observation and recording periods.

  • Select a data display that effectively communicates relevant quantitative relations.

  • Evaluate changes in level, trend, and variability.

  • Evaluate temporal relations between observed variables (within & between sessions, time series

For those of you interested in Measurement, we encourage you to connect with other Measurement interested BDA employees to share with and learn from each other on how to apply the principles of Measurement in your current role or for special BDA related projects. 

If you have questions that your peers are unable to answer, please feel free to reach out to one of our in house experts for a quick tip!