Movement Matters

Movement Matters is a division of Brett DiNovi & Associates with a shared goal to improve learners quality of life through physical activity and healthy decision making. Strides toward this goal is done so with behaviorally based self-discipline strategies (including the five laws) that help learners work towards peak performance in health. Movement Matters serves individuals with developmental disabilities using behavioral consultation and individual behavior support plans. 


Classes offered through Movement Matters are both in person and remotely (via Social Skills zoom link). Due to the current climate, in person classes are offered with safe approaches to ensure everyone can participate and work to get better in a safe manner. In person classes are offered at various times throughout Burlington/Camden, Ocean, Monmouth, Middlesex, Atlantic County, and the state of Pennsylvania.


To sign up for these classes, reach out to Alyssa Kinkade (NJ) & Julia Prince (PA) the Director of Social Skills at @Alyssa Kinkade & @Julia Prince or Michael Crudup the Director of Movement Matters at @Michael Crudup and request the google sign up survey. ALL social skills events require learners to be signed up no later than 24hrs in advance.