There is currently no reimbursement for background checks and clearances. Staff assume responsibility for payment.

To get a BDA Email Address, please reach out to Marlene Selfridge after working full- time for 90 days.

Marlene can be reached at 609-975-3597 or

Once Katie Douthit approves all of your paperwork, the following will occur over the first 30 days of your employment:

  1. You will get an email from with login information for your time sheet and the pay stub website.

  2. Joe Carter will email you with your CA Coach assignment. Stay in contact with your coach to complete 3 in person training overlaps on a case with them.

3. You will receive an additional email from for New Team Orientation part 2: 7 online modules through Relias.

4. Carli DiRienzo will be in contact to schedule you for Safe and Positive Approaches (SPA) Crisis training.

5. Once part 2 of orientation is complete, you will get one last email from for part 3 (the final part) of orientation on Skyprep.

6. Lastly, once you complete your 3 overlaps with your CA Coach for training, Joe Carter will be in contact again to assign you your own cases. You will complete 2 additional overlaps with a BC or CC on each assigned case to get acclimated with the learner, programs, and families before starting independently on your cases.


After demonstrating success with at least 2 home programs between 3:00 - 8:00 pm on weekdays and any time on the weekends, you may request to go from part time to full time. To do this: 

  1. Notify Joe Carter via text or call at (302) 562-7472 or of your interest in becoming a full- time staff member.

  2. Your Behavioral Consultant (BC) and our leadership team will evaluate your performance and the needs of the company to determine if there are school consultation hours between 8 am and 3 pm available for you. This would result in full- time status, or at least 30 hours per week.

  3. Please Note: A minimum of 2 home programs need to be maintained in order to be eligible for full- time status and stay on as full- time.

  4. 9 times out of 10, the full- time position will start in the sub- pool for schools.


To get more work/hours after 3:00 pm and on the weekends for home consultation, contact Joe Carter via text or call at (302) 562-7472 or


All internships need to be approved by the administrative team. Please contact Stefanie Perrin for all internship related questions: at or (856) 237-4985 

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