Social Skills Limousine Program

The Social Skills Limousine program utilizes both center and community based instruction to teach learners the ability to respond to social activities or environments in a manner that produces, maintains, and enhances their daily lives. The program derives its name from the premium stretch limousines that are used to transport our learners (along with staff vehicles) to our various social skills programs and locations. 


Center based instruction takes place in our main office and applies the Social Thinking Methodology to help our learners improve their social competencies in self-regulation, social-emotional learning, executive functioning, perspective taking, and social problem solving. Center based instruction also includes the BDA Summer Series Special Interest Social Skills Groups which includes lessons on sportsmanship, friendship, conversation skills, and dating.


Community based instruction occurs at various venues in the local community including trampoline parks, bowling alleys, and restaurants. Community based instruction also includes Movement Matters (functional fitness events, camps, and activities) and the BDA Special Olympics Teams. 

A Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), a site supervisor, and additional staff are present at all Social Skills Limousine events. All learners involved in the program have a completed Center and Community Based Learning Checklist and Quick Reference Guide (behavior support plan) readily accessible on Google drive for clinicians providing support to learners during events. All support staff complete a data sheet that uploads to Google forms at the completion of Social Skills Limousine events to document and record learner behavior.

To sign up a learner for an outing:

1. Contact your Behavioral Consultant

2. Use this link to sign up for events

Contact our outing line at (856) 888-4195 for questions.

All limo events are free of charge to BDA learners.

Learners must be signed up at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled event


To get added to the Group Me for Limo Outings request to be added by a site supervisor or direct mentor can add them to the group. 

Select any of the links below for Outing Waivers

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