Special Olympics

Special Olympics is a BDA Movement Matters program that focuses on BDA Movement Matters goal of creating an equal opportunity for all individuals to live a more fit lifestyle through sports.  Special Olympics promotes teamwork and teaches individuals the skills needed to compete and have fun doing so. BDA currently offers soccer, basketball, track & field, bowling and swimming however is expanding and growing each day.  If you are interested in participating in BDA Movement Matters Special Olympics please contact BDA Movement Matters Health & Fitness Coordinator Rocco Bene.

Click here for the Special Olympics NJ Registration packet. This needs to be completed before a learner is allowed to participate in the Special Olympics. All of our BDA Special Olympics photos, sign ups & information can be found on the BDA Movement Matters Facebook Page. 


Special Olympics coach & the requirements

Special Olymics NJ Website


BDA Movement Matters Facebook Page


If you have any questions, please reach out to Rocco at (215) 470-2630 or Rocco@brettdassociates.com